Teaching you the tools for independence   

Gemma Bond MSc., BCBA - Board Certified Behaviour Analyst &
 Certified Talk Tools Therapist 

Applied Behaviour Analysis

 What is Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)?

ABA is the science of human behaviour and learning.   The principles around the science are used to teach skills, increase appropriate behaviours and to reduce/replace inappropriate behaviours.  Skills are broken down into achievable components and taught over many trials using motivation and reinforcement to shape up the response until it becomes independent. 

       What is  Verbal Behaviour (VB)?

Using the principles and procedures  of ABA, but based around Skinner's analysis of language and a strong emphasis on motivation.  The individualised motivater is the focus for learning any skill which makes it a fun experience for the learner.  

Applied Behaviour Analysis
Verbal Behaviour Approach - following motivation to teach language skills
Verbal Behaviour approach for teaching language
Oral Placement Tools used for speech clarity
What the Tools look like