Teaching you the tools for independence   

Gemma Bond MSc., BCBA - Board Certified Behaviour Analyst &
 Certified Talk Tools Therapist 

Feeding Intensives

I am pleased to offer Feeding Intensives as part of my services.  For these Intensives I will be teaming up with Helen Chew BCBA.  We worked together on a very successful feeding intensive in 2016 and have since succeeded to implement feeding interventions to help increase range of foods and textures in a motivating and fun way.

We believe that feeding should be a fun and motivating experience for people.  Once you have established motivation you open the opportunity to increase positive feeding habits. 

Included in our Intensives:
- follow up service
- Talk Tools Assessment
- Hands on training and support with interventions
- Comprehensive report on the last day of the Intensive
- Lots of  playing and games to motivate the individual